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The Chancery Clerk's office has converted to a new Land Records Index and Imaging Software program.

The new site is available by browsing to http://roam.desotocountyms.gov.

The old inquiry method (Old Land Records Index below) is still available. Please notice the "current through date" listed under the back scanned books. This date will be updated as we continue to backload the data by days of recording. For data/recordings filed after this listed "current through date", please search the above listed ROAM link. This site also has a "verified through date" for your convenience.

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Old Land Records Index
Subdivision Plats
Delinquent Taxes
Deed of Trust Abstract Book Images
Warranty Deed Abstract Book Images

Assessor's Appraisal Data

Deed of Trust Direct & Reverse (Direct) Images from 1932 to Mid 1995 Deed of Trust Direct & Reverse (Reverse) Images from 1932 to Mid 1995
Warranty Deed Direct & Reverse (Direct) Images from 1929 to Mid 1995 Warranty Deed Direct & Reverse (Reverse) Images from 1929 to Mid 1995
Power of Attorney Direct & Reverse (Direct) Images from 1934 to Mid 1995 Power of Attorney Direct & Reverse (Reverse) Images from 1934 to Mid 1995

Back-Scanned Power of Attorney Books Back-Scanned Deed of Trust Books Back-Scanned Warranty Deed Books

The Land Records begin with the file dates from the below table, and are current through 06/02/2017

Instrument Type Indexed & Scanned From This Date to Current Good Thru Date
Bankruptcies 4/13/1995
Construction Liens 8/10/1990
Federal Tax Liens 11/26/1956
General Substitutions 1/9/1997
Incorporations 8/17/1995
Lis Pendens 11/30/1993
Miscellaneous 10/27/1994
Power of Attorney 6/19/1995
Subdivision Plats 7/13/1946
Trust Deeds 4/21/1992
Warranty Deeds 10/28/1977

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